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Stone Tape Studios

Memorable music for your game that enriches the experience and draws the player in. 

High-quality, realistic and stylized SFX 

Seamlessly implemented in any game engine with any middleware

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Music/Sound Design
Games & Apps 

Good sound design goes a long way toward creating the aesthetic of your game. Done effectively, it serves to enhance and inform the player's experience. I use a range of methods (including foley, sample libraries, and in the box synthesis) to build both realistic and stylized SFX that compliment the intention of the game's creative vision.

Music sets the mood for a game and instantly communicates to the player the emotion of a situation. I compose in a variety of styles and genres, focusing on memorable melodies and immersive soundscapes that draw the player in. Whether it be a sparse, unsettling survival horror soundtrack or a light-hearted tune for a 2D adventure game, my mission is to craft captivating music that elevates your game experience.

Effective implementation of the audio is a crucial part of the developement process. My tool of choice for this task is Audiokinetic's Wwise, but I am also comfortable with other audio middleware such as FMOD, as well as native implimentation tools in all the popular game engines (Unreal, Unity, Godot, etc.). In addition to utilizing these toolsets I am also capable of editing and writing scripts within the engine to acheive my goals.

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Sound Design



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Misty Slopes

Music Production




Production is where we bring your vision to life, musically and logistically. Great performances, arrangement, sound design, harmony, sonic texture, all these elements contribute to the emotional impact of a song. I'll work with you to produce a track that catches people's attention and has just the vibe you're looking for.

Mixing is the process of taking the individual, raw tracks and sculpting them into a cohesive whole. This step has the potential to make or break an otherwise great song. That's why it's important to work with a mix engineer that is dedicated to making your project shine and communicates with you along the way.

Mastering is the final step of the journey in which a finished mix is refined and polished to achieve a globally competitive sound. The goal is to find the sweet spot where your song sounds great on all playback systems, from earbuds to hi-fi speakers. I offer a free 30 sec. mastering sample to potential clients so they can judge whether I'm a good fit for their project.

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Stone Tape Studios - 
Haleluya Mountain

Composition, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Allen Stone - Naturally

Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering


Mistrusted - Polemic

Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering


Real Nice Guys -
Up All Night 

Composition, Production, Mixing, Mastering

Stonetapestudio rev 3.jpg

Stone Tape Studios - 

Composition, Production, Mixing, Mastering

LNG U know.jpg

Late Night Griller - 
You Just Know When it's Right

Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Jeremiah's Anthem Art_edited.jpg

John Goodin - 
Jeremiah's Anethem

Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering

Running into Mary Celeste at the Sky Mall cover.png

Stone Tape Studios - 
Running into Mary Celeste at the Sky Mall

Composition, Production, Mixing, Mastering


SQSN - Say it Again

Post-Production, Mixing, Mastering

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Jon Stombaugh Stone Tape Studios

Jon Stombaugh

20+ years experience as a producer, performing artist, mix engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter 

BA in Ethnomusicology

Trained in classical and jazz theory

Experienced with a variety of audio software and game engines (Wwise, FMOD, Reaper, Studio One, Unity, Unreal, GIT, etc.)

I'm committed to delivering exceptional music and SFX that always meet deadlines and exceed developer expectations.

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"Stone Tape Studios was a game-changer (literally) for our Unreal Engine game. His sound design and music skills are top-notch. Every sound effect hit the mark and his music always captured the right mood. Beyond his clear talent, he's also quick and efficient in his work. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for quality game audio. A true professional and easy to work with and very skilled with Wwise."

Jon B.

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Stone Tape Studios

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Game Music/Sound Design
Music Production

Thanks for requesting a quote! I'll review your information and get back to you within 1-2 business days. I look forward to working together!

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